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Introducing Channel IT

Channel IT is a major independent distributor of Mobile Network solutions.

With financial and logistics capabilities we’ve tremendously enhanced the network rollouts of mobile operators. Enabling customers to generate revenues faster, at reduced costs, is always our priority. Channel IT’s range includes: Towers, Antennas, RF, Microwave, IBS, Power and Cooling products from leading global vendors, delivered to your door or on-site on a turnkey basis.

In conjunction with specialised partners we add value to your network with services such as: SIM Registration, Remote Site Monitoring, Network Optimisation and Inventory Management solutions.

The Channel Group is Channel IT’s umbrella corporation. Our group of companies constantly expands in terms of industry, markets, sales and products. Today the Channel Group is a diverse organisation active in the fields of Telecom Infrastructure, IT Distribution and Power Solutions with regional head offices in Lagos and Dubai, as well as subsidiaries and partners in 9 other countries in Africa and Middle East.