Optimising the Value of Mobile Networks


Mobile operators trust Channel IT for timeous rollouts, OEMs outsource complex logistics and site builders enjoy the local stock in a local currency aspect. You can discover their reasons for doing business with us and experience what we mean when we say ‘we keep our promises’.

Channel IT provides components for cell sites that give your subscribers the reception that you advertise. For details on our range of: Towers, Antennas, RF, Microwave, IBS, Power, Cooling and Installation & Maintenance Services see the Mobile Network Infrastructure section.


Substantial OPEX savings can be achieved implementing Channel IT’s Network Add-On’s. Remote Site Monitoring, Network Optimisation and Network Inventory Management Systems are among the tools offering mobile operators a better grip on the network, improved performance and an edge over the competition. Have a look at Channel IT’s SIM Registration solution, required for KYC processes, which has enabled operators across Africa to register over 50 million subscribers.


Airtime Credit Services, Mobile TV, SMS Content, SMS Promos and Phone Back-Up Services. Affiliated companies within the Channel Group recently introduced Value Added Services that contribute to higher ARPU and enhanced subscriber experiences. Other companies within the Channel Group offer revolutionary methods in the way airtime is distributed. Electronic Airtime Distribution systems eliminate the cost of physical scratch cards, whereas a Virtual Airtime Distribution platform enables operators to provision airtime to its subscribers over-the-air, anytime and anywhere.